Project Estimates – What is the Final Product?

We have been preparing and reviewing a number of project estimates lately and it has reinforced the importance of the estimating process in defining a project and setting it up for success. In my many years of working as a project estimator throughout Australia as well as internationally, all projects [...]

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What Are the 3 Key Functions of a Cost Engineer?

Answer: Forecasting, Forecasting and Forecasting! There are many tasks that a cost engineer undertakes, but ultimately their role is to ensure that the “Estimate at Completion” column on the monthly cost report reflects the best estimate of what each contract line item, each commitment, each engineering task, etc will ultimately [...]

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How Well do we Understand Projects?

The Project landscape in Australia has changed significantly in the past 3-5 years. We have seen the mining construction boom slow down significantly and move in to operations and operational improvement. We have seen the massive initial expenditure on coal seam gas projects end and move into operations and ongoing [...]

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My Responsibility to Our Profession – Project Controls

I have spent a lot of time talking to my children about legacy and responsibility. We, as parents, leaders and senior members of our society have a responsibility to pass on our experience and knowledge to the next generation. While not always accepted it should always be offered! We need [...]

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