Vidotto Group focuses on implementation of practical skills, not software

Great Systems require skilled team members who understand their roles and are able to implement and run the programmes correctly. Great Teams comprise of highly skilled team members who communicate effectively with confidence.

Our experience has shown us that the fundamentals must be in place for the successful, efficient and timely completion of a project. Crucial to a project’s success is the integration and effective partnership of project controls with other project management teams. It is for these reasons that Vidotto Group developed the following training programmes:

Fundamentals of Project Controls Management is a half day workshop that covers the leadership and management of a project controls team.

This session addresses:

  • The makeup of project teams
  • Types of projects
  • Owners function vs. EPCM vs. Contractor
  • Project Phases
  • What activities must be undertaken during each phase of a project
  • Certification
Fundamentals of Estimating analyses the vital role an Estimator has within the project controls and project team.

This session addresses:

  • Types of estimates in different project phases;
  • Developing an estimate plan;
  • Building an estimate with full;
  • Transparency and Traceability;
  • Analysing the accuracy of data given;
  • Contingency and risk;
  • Summarising the estimate and reporting the results.
Fundamentals of Cost Engineering is a skills based training workshop designed to introduce key roles that an effective Cost Engineer performs, within the project controls and management team.

This session addresses:

  • Work Breakdown structures;
  • Cost Planning and Budgeting;
  • Change Management;
  • Progress management;
  • Forecasting and analysis;
  • The Commitment process;
  • Contingency management and risk;
  • Historical data.
Our Fundamentals of Planning and Scheduling workshop addresses what knowledge is required to be a successful Planner and Scheduler.

This session addresses:

  • Schedule breakdown structures;
  • Developing baselines;
  • Building the schedule;
  • Resourcing and quantities;
  • Progress measurement;
  • Forecasting and change management;
  • Reporting.
Our one day team focused workshop – Team Excellence: The Power of Communication and Engagement – focuses on increasing your teams effectivity by improving their communication skills, ensuring that your team is engaged, working cohesively and on the right track to becoming successful leaders within your organisation.

This session addresses:

  • A full day interactive session to develop your team & increase engagement;
  • Methods & Models to increase productivity and performance;
  • DISC assessment tool is used to increase effective communication & collaboration;
  • Improve relationships & manage conflict more effectively;
  • Align the vision & purpose of your team;
  • Success habits to incorporate for a high performance team;
  • Factors of Motivation.

Our Project Controls training programmes have distilled Lou’s 40+ year career into a number of fundamental training workshops, that ensure that each member of your project controls team understands what their role means, what their deliverables are, and how they fit within the project team.

We have also developed leadership and team focused training programmes to ensure that your team not only has the skills they need, but are working together to drive your project.

To find out more, follow the links above or contact us, we are more than happy to answer any questions.

Without the right skills, a project cannot succeed.


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