Fundamentals of Estimating analyses the vital role an Estimator has within the project controls and project team.

We will be looking at different types of estimates, and how an estimate will vary depending on the project phase. It also shows how to plan, build, analyse and report on an estimate.

This session addresses:

  • Types of estimates in different project phases;
  • Developing an estimate plan;
  • Building an estimate with full;
  • Transparency and Traceability;
  • Analysing the accuracy of data given;
  • Contingency and risk;
  • Summarising the estimate and reporting the results.

Throughout the workshop, we analyse how the role of an Estimator changes through the various project phases, how to effectively build an estimate so that it is a true reflection of the defined project scope. We also look at what deliverables are required by an Estimator and how the estimate is used as the basis for project cost engineering.

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