Success, personally or professionally, comes down to leadership and processes.

Our experience has shown that a business will never out perform the skill of their leadership team. The successes, and failures, are directly linked to the effectivity of the systems, teamwork and guidance present within the workplace. There are far too many businesses suffering from poor employee engagement, insufficient systemisation and a lack of leadership. This creates a workplace that underperforms and is missing the dynamic culture that is vital to success.

Vidotto Group believes that whilst your team needs to possess the technical skills and understanding to perform the day to day tasks effectively, they also need the skills required to lead one another and strive toward the common goal.

Vidotto Group works to develop leadership skills within organisations from the ground up. Our trainers work to build team members ability to communicate effectively, find their common drivers and to ensure they are fully engaged.

A 2013 study of employee engagement found that only 24% of Australians are engaged with their job, meaning 76%, or over three quarters of workers are either disengaged or undermining the 24%.

This is a staggering statistic, one that has an estimated cost of $54.8 Billion dollar per year.

Leaders know that success is reached, not through solo effort, but through the efforts of their team. They remember that it is their team who drive innovation, share the company’s vision, serve customers and sell services. But how do you create a team that is highly engaged, committed and effective?

This is where Vidotto Group can help.

Our one day team focused workshop – Team Excellence: The Power of Communication and Engagement – focuses on increasing your teams effectivity by improving their communication skills, ensuring that your team is engaged, working cohesively and on the right track to becoming successful leaders within your organisation.

So let us help you to build an engaged, cohesive team, striving for success!

Building an organisational culture where team members are efficient, effective and highly engaged can be an overwhelming prospect, but doesn’t have to be.

Each workshop is delivered by one or two trained facilitators and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the organization. Participants receive workshop materials to use during the session and reference after.

  • A full day interactive session to develop your team & increase engagement;
  • Methods & Models to increase productivity and performance;
  • DISC assessment tool is used to increase effective communication & collaboration;
  • Improve relationships & manage conflict more effectively;
  • Align the vision & purpose of your team;
  • Success habits to incorporate for a high performance team;
  • Factors of Motivation.

To ensure that your team operate at a higher level, increase their productivity and engage with the vision and mission of your company, join Push! in our next Team Excellence session.

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